The American Hip Hop Music History

The roots of American hip hop music can be traced down to western Africa and in various foreign cultures. The vocal style of popular rap can be associated with the griot tradition from Africa, where the griots wander from place to place singing their music and telling about history and traditions. Street performers, with their freestyle artform, dramatically influenced the impact of American hip hop music over the years. Another influence in American hip hop music arose out of New York during the post civil rights era. People finding that gathering to celebrate personal events was a worthwhile activity grew, with it, the legendary block parties, soon, was created. Disc jockeys, who are usually seen only in underground clubs, were finding their way up the burrows and onto block parties everywhere, unleashing their beat driven creative mixes of soul, funk, and cultural music to entertain the more conventional masses. Their sound gained the attention of many and American hip hop music started to make some noise in the music scene. The important thing about American hip hop music is that it wasn’t always been confined in a definition as other music genres were. The darker side of rap music gained much exposure for a while, as it assemble its own sense of notoriety, and not in the best of ways. Meanwhile, DJ made dance mixes was rising in fame and gradually building its own niche in American hip hop music. The underground clubs were rapidly rising into mainstream, and soon an inevitable clash of the two sub-cultures will begin. Street performers carry with them tapes of DJ mixed beats, and performs their awesome break dance moves to gather crowds, adding up to the hype that is American hip hop. At the same time, during the peak of American hip hop music, the very definition of concert performances experience a unique development, soon devolving into competitions instead of planned exhibitions. Prominent rapper groups would battle all comers, arousing the crowd to judge who the winner is with their applause. The colorful world of American hip hop music soon began to fade around the edges as more and more of the more rebellious artists became victims of their own lifestyles. The world of the american hip hop music entered a tailspin, as two of its stars,Tupac Shakur and the Notorious BIG, got murdered. The criminal acts committed by many popular artists came into people’s attention and the genre started to suffer the effects. Now, American hip hop music has begun a resurgence in a more defined and acceptable manner. Gone is the violence and degrading lyrics, replaced with more thoughtful and positive music, with artists once again expressing their creativity with themed albums targeted more to rebuilding the popularity of American hip hop music in today’s world, with themes of love and community being the more prevalent topics. Whether this new manifestation will go as well with the people as the old remains a question, but it definitely did start off well. The Influence Of Hip Hop Music On Teens.Is it possible for hip hop to influence teens in a positive way? If the music is popular in its own nature, then it should possess a positive effect. But the question is whether hip hop music influence can remain positive. The older version of hip hop had a greater influence, and truly was not as positive as people might have wanted. The hip hop music influence in those days was dark, filled with anarchy and violence, targeting every aspect of life outside the inner city. Because the music is made by people wearied by the basic view of equality, it tends to foster the selfish act of taking anything one can want with complete disregard of the consequences. Lyrics of hate and degradation against people was so captivating that it led teens into doing things unexpected of them, awakening the darkness they had inside. To achieve a positive influence over your listeners, especially impressionable teens, the music must have a positive influence. Primarily, early hip hop, lacks that type of influence. Society blamed the music for the teens’ bad behavior. If a genre is displeasing to many, then there is a tendency for society to blame it for what’s happening and ignore their own responsibity on the situation. This influence over the years has changed as the music itself changed. Present-day artists brought back poetry to the music and almost completely extinguished the flames of violent themes. Now, we have a focus of theme that critics like to call pop wannabes. Something must have been going right, because in spite of its critics, hip hop music influence is bigger than ever. The positive tones of the hip hop music influence today has brought back ideas of romancing your loves instead of harming them to get what you want, and is beginning to spread the word of how giving back to your society is more important than tearing it down. Perhaps these new generation of artists have seen something that the hip hop pioneers did not. That living hard, fast and brutal will lead you nowhere but towards self destruction. Many of them are now either dead or in jail, regretting so many bad choices they had made. Those who made it, on the other hand, made it big, and have used the hip hop music influence to create positive projects that are being embraced by their fans. Many of them organized volunteer groups that are formed to help improve the lives of people living in the cities they grew up in. Consequently, fans all over, follow their example and many volunteer to help. If the hip hop music influence can be called anything today, it should be evolving. Many of the current artists have overcome difficulties in their lives, and have made that a theme that they are rebuilding their careers around. That influence has had a positive effect on many of their listeners, especially in today’s economy. Instead of howling cries of hate, These artists are making a better image of themselves for a better cause.

Soothing Music: The Native American Flute

Native Americans are eager to share their ancestry with their families and friends. One of the ways they do this is through their music, particularly through the music of the Native American flute. They want to ensure that their children have a strong link with their ancient culture, and music is an excellent way to teach non-Native Americans about this culture as well. Mothers of small children often find that Native American flute music is very soothing for their babies. It seems to have a tranquil and calming effect on children. Songs played on the Native American flute can be introduced during naptime and before bedtime to calm children down. The music often puts children to sleep within just a few minutes. Experts have also recommended Native American flute music to families with small babies that have a hard time getting to sleep. This music also represents an excellent tool for calming down a baby in situations where there may be difficult transitions for such young children, such as when many visitors come to the home. It is often difficult for small babies to adjust to the confusion and noise created by a large number of people at special occasions, and playing Native American flute music can help to calm a baby down in these circumstances. The music of the Native American flute is very soft, and it creates a wonderful, soothing background for many situations. It is just the sound for keeping babies calm when there are a lot of people in the environment. Babies seem to focus on the flute sounds instead of on the loud noises generated by crowds. Having flute music playing in a room makes it easier for them to adjust to visitors. Of course, adults will also enjoy the music of the Native American flute. It is easy to find interesting and unique Native American flute music on the Internet, since many online stores offer selections of alternative music. It is also possible to purchase Native American flutes and sheet music. Several vendors offer musical compositions for the flute, and they sell Native American flutes as well. Native American flute music is an excellent way to learn about and enjoy the special features of Native American culture. And since songs are often linked to memories, this music offers a good way to preserve the memory of special times.

Tom Jones

There are few musical artists that have managed to stay in the mind of popular culture like Tom Jones. Some of this has to do with his timeless hits such as “She’s a Lady”. Other reasons that Tom Jones has managed to be so popular is that he constantly reinvents his sound. Finally, there is no doubt that his frequent live performances in the US and of course his famous UK concerts have also helped maintain his profile in the public mind. It can be said that there are some artists who are better well known than Tom Jones, but very few can claim to be as popular and enduring as this singer.

Early Life

Tom Jones was born in South Wales and was challenged early in life by a case of tuberculosis. According to his own statement, his time fighting tuberculosis was the worst two years of his life and he was unable to do little but listen to music and draw. Tom Jones Married soon after high school to Melinda Trenchard and a month later his first child was born.

Early Career

Tom Jones began his performing career with a beat group called Tommy Scott and the Senators which became a well known local group. As he began to become more popular, Tom Jones recorded several early singles which led to him becoming well known not only in the UK, but also in the US where he enjoyed several top forty hits in both countries. After some initial success the young singers popularity began to decline and he switched his style to more of a country sound which revitalized his career.

The Las Vegas Years

In the late sixties Tom Jones became one of several stars to begin headlining in Las Vegas. His shows became known for their sexual tension and raw energy. During his time in Vegas, Tom Jones befriended Elvis Presley and the two became close friends. At this time Tom Jones decided that he preferred the more lucrative club acts to cutting new records and it would be quite some time before he released a new album.

Coming back

For a long time Tom Jones seemed destined to be a footnote in music history, however he enjoyed a rather sudden and strong resurgence in the late 80s and early nineties and has since remained at the forefront of the world wide music scene. While Tome Jones has not released an album in a while he still performs live very often and these UK concerts are well known for carrying the same energy as they did when he was a much younger man.

In the end, Tom Jones is sure to remain part of the music world for years to come and even when he dies there is little doubt many people will remember what he offered. His combination of crooning lyrics, sexually charged performances, and memorable tunes is sure to last for years and years to come.

American Idol 10 – eight left and counting

Opening medely – fun, even James did okay on “The Letter.” I’m sure Paul found it hard to hold up a fist and scream, “Repazent!” when they finished the Skynyrd tune.

I’d never heard of Constantine Maroulis, who apparently was a season 4 contender, but when the camera moved up on this long haired microphone-gripper with a scarf tied to the mike stand in a shameless smooch to Steven Tyler, my douchebag radar went off like an air raid siren. He sang “Unchained Melody,” which was already a bit overdone, and he really overdid it; it came out burned on top like a pan of biscuits left in the oven five minutes too long. He seemed like a nice enough guy in the interview, but send me a warning when he approaches the stage next time.

Hey, I didn’t know you could say “shit” on network TV! I guess you can if your name is Iggy Pop. I’ve always loved this freak, though “Real Wild Child” is one of his weaker hit songs. Who knows, maybe he’s tired of singing “The Passenger.”

And then the bottom three.

Jacob, Stefano and Pia. What’s wrong with 2/3 of this picture?

Stefano’s had a good run and is certainly better than a lot of the people who’ve gotten cut (but not recently), but Jacob? Pia? They’re both top-echelon. Yeah, Jacob’s statement that if he was eliminated it was because America “Couldn’t look itself in the mirror” was pretty damn pompous, but you expect ego and attitude from people that talented. As long as he belts out the tunes like a champ, it’s a small crime. And Pia? Really?

And then the judgment came down. Pia is out.

I’m glad to see that the judges were all as totally floored by this judgment call as I was when I found out. It wasn’t hard at all to read the “WTF?” on Randy’s lips, and Jennifer looked like one of her own children had just fallen down a well. Mr. Cool Ryan Seacrest even seemed a bit disturbed. When asked, all three judges responded, well, as they should have. Absolutely confounded. Ms. Toscone herself was very well composed, no tears, all in order like a pro. I’m sure the waterworks came later, but she was ready for her final song which she threw down, as always, like a star. After it was over, that camera shot of Jennifer again, hands up, shaking her head in disbelief pretty much said it all.

I don’t live in the U.S. and therefore can’t vote in this contest, so I guess I have an excuse. In the long run, again, it’s just a game show, and of course Pia could have done her career worse than making it into the top nine of a high-profile TV show. She’ll be on the tour and no doubt she, like Scotty, could survive a cut and go one to a very successful career. We shall see.

The results show a few of the flaws in the voting system on this show.

I’ve heard a lot about the cute boy syndrome on the show, where young girls vote for whoever they think is the most dishy male singer. This explains the continued presence of both James and Stefano and to a lesser degree, Paul (who has some modicum of talent). Conversely, the same girls tend to be a bit catty with the female singers, so maybe someone like Pia, who is astonishingly beautiful and talented, is a bit too much competition for the little Heathers out there. The cushiony Lauren is maybe more acceptable… but then there’s Haley, so I dunno. Not a perfect theory.

Scotty, Lauren and Paul may have an extra layer of protection around them because they’re southerners. We have constituted a disproportionate number of Idol winners, because we tend to support our own and because, well, we take music seriously because it’s something we’re just damn good at. Deal with it, United Statesians.

I’d like to think it’s because of his talent, but maybe Jacob is now benefitting from being the only black contender left. It didn’t keep him out of the bottom three this week, however.

It hurts, though, to see such a talent step off the stage, but that’s what’s always going on here.

Pia darling? I’m a big fan. You’ve got tremendous charisma onstage, you’re beyond gorgeous and your voice makes me happy to be alive. You’re a star, baby. Don’t stop singing, whatever you do.

So it’s eight now.

American Idol voters? I beg you; next week SEND JAMES DURBIN HOME.

He has worn out his welcome for this international viewer.

5 Popular Latin-american Music Genres

Do you know that Latin America has contributed a lot and has enriched world music? Latin American music includes end number of genres.While some of them are drawn from native traditions’some others are taken from European folk music tradition. You can discover the influence of African music as well since many of the singers’dancers and musicians have their root in Africa.

Though Latin American music has its own unique characteristic it echoes the same universal human feelings and emotion.Some of the very popular Latin Music forms are Tango, Salsa, Samba, Son, Bossanova and the list goes on.


Tango, one of the most popular music genres of Latin America was originated in Argentina in 1890s. The working class created this new rhythm. They were inspired by the Cuban habanera as well as the local milonga. The music used to reflect a pessimistic mood. It used to depict the sorrow brought forth by unavoidable destiny.

Tango was adopted by the people of USA in 1910s and it took a new direction. Instead of echoing a melancholy mood it started portraying a more erotic mood. “Yo Soy La Morocha” by Enrique Saborido is considered to be one of the earliest hits of Tango. Tango was enriched with more poetic lyrics in the era of 1930s when literate song writes make it an intellectual affair.


Bossanova can be described as the music of the bourgeoisie since it was formed by the while young intellectuals. Bossanova mingled both jazz music and a slower, gentler form of Samba. Bossanova mainly captures a romantic mood, bohemian life, natural beauty and so on. It is the most favorite genre of the easy-listening crowd. Bossanova was made popular by artists like Jobim, Moraes, Cardoso, Gilberto and so on. Some of the popular Bossanova numbers include Garota de Ipanema, Desafinado, Chega de Saudade etc. The contribution of DeAndrade can not be denied who composed “The Solo Guitar”, Shambhala Moon and Ocean by mingling American folk music, jazz, samba and European classical music.


The next name that comes into the list is Son. This popular music genre was born in Cuba in the 20th century. Artists like Miguel Matamores, Ignacio Pineiro, made a mixture of African Rumba and Spanish popular music and made Son popular. The instruments that initially accompanied Son were claves, tres, bongos and contrabass. Son took a new turn in the 1920s when Miguel Failde Perez first documented Dazon, another version of Son (for the upper class). It was mainly performed with flute and violin orchestras. Some of the famous names of this field include Xavier Cugat, Arsenio Rodriguez, Rene Alvarez etc.


Salsa is a very popular form of Latin Music. It is even more popular as a dance form. Salsa owes its origin to Son as Son was renamed as Salsa in 1973. Salsa owes its fame to the “Salsa” concert held in New York in 1976. Salsa is also known as “Guaguanco” in Puerto Rico. Guaguanco reminds us of a kind of Rumba dance.

In 1978 Ruben Blades composed the music of the best selling Salsa album ever. Different people like Angel Canales introduced various versions of Salsa. The members of Eddie Palmieri’s orchestra created a jazzy and aggressive version of Salsa.
Gradually Salsa was also contaminated with various political issues.


This is mainly a dance form related to the Candomble rituals of Africa. The word “Samba” originated in 1838. It was influenced by the Brazilian dance form “Maxixe”. Soon it established itself as a popular music genre. The rhythm of Samba is designed in such a manner so that it can be associated with singing, dancing as well as parade. Samba became popular in Europe also and the credit for this goes to Manuel Duque Diniz. The first recorded hit song of this genre was Pelo Telefone by Ernesto Donga dos Santos.

Diagnostic Battery for Whitney Houston

Diagnostic battery provides an important instrument for diagnosing various psychological conditions that individuals face. As counselors, an exact diagnosis of the condition that an individual is suffering is important and diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders provides that important tool for use by psychologists. DSM-IV, published by American Psychiatric Association provides a guideline that should be followed in making psychological diagnoses. Almost everyday, there are news appearing in the media about celebrities who hare weighed down by continued drug abuse. It appears that every time we turn on our televisions, we are assured of seeing one if not more celebrities who are entering into or completing their rehabilitation term. This is clear evidence that shows the extensive nature of drug abuse among celebrities. It happens to musicians, songwriters, Amy Winehouse, footballers, and others. There are many reasons why celebrities indulge in drug abuse, the major reasons being to cope with the hectic and demanding life they have. However, it is also clear evidence that contrary to our belief that celebrities live a good and happy life, they may be leading miserable life. In order to understand psychological problems facing celebrities, this paper will conduct a critical analysis of the life of Whitney Houston, one of the celebrities whose career has been destroyed by drug abuse.
Background of Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is one of the celebrities who has been accused of rampant drug abuse and has been in and out of rehabilitation centers more than once. Born in 1963 as Whitney Elizabeth Houston, her star shone to become a leading American R&B singer, actress and also a fashion model. She had a big life to cope with after wining important awards in her life. She is still the most awarded female artist of all times and hoses the Guinness World Records. Her list of awards include among them 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 16 Billboards Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards, and others totaling to about 415 career awards as recorded by 2010 (Christgau, 2011). She is also ranked as one of the best selling music artist with more than 170 million albums and singles sold.

However, her successful music career seems to have been badly affected by events outside her career. In April 2000, she was accused of drug peddling after police discovered Marijuana in her luggage. Airport security officials immediately alerted the police after they found that she was carrying marijuana in her bags. This dented the perfect and “good girl” image she had maintained in the 1980s and 1990s and her behavior greatly changed since then. She was often hours later for her interviews, photo shots and rehearsals and in more than once, she cancelled concerts and talk-show appearance. It was evidence that there was some personal problems in her life. She had also lost a lot of weight and speculations were going around that she had been abusing drugs for a longer period of time. It was also alleged that she had been abusing drugs with her husband. Although it was not still confirmed, Houston cancelled many events she was to perform at and was also fired from several lined up performance. For example, when Clive Davis was to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, she was scheduled to perform but she pulled out the last minute. She as also to perform at the Academy Awards but she was fired by the even director Burt Bacharach. Although it was cited that throat problem had caused to pull out of the performance, there were rumors of drug abuse that still surfaced. It was later confirmed in writing a book by Steve Pond that at the time she pulled out of the Academy Awards her voice was shaky, and she appeared distracted and jittery. In addition, her attitude was casual and quite defiant. While she was to sing “Over the Rainbow” she started singing a different song. Her problems were also aggravating with time as one of her long time friend and executive assistance, Robyn Crawford, resigned from Houston’s management company.

Following these events, it also became evident that she was stressed over family matters. She has been disturbed by her tumultuous marriage to sing Bobby Brown and the couple had been living in tabloids since their wedding in 1992 (Whitney Houston, 2011). They were separated in 2006 after years of infidelity, scandals, drug, and alcohol arrests. At the same time in 2006, National Enquirer release pictures of what was claimed to be Houston’s bathroom. The picture showed the private bathroom stuffed with empty beer bottles, rolling papers, pipes, powder covered spoons and lighters, all which pointed out that the pop star was a drug addict. Her sister in law claimed that the singer was addicted to crack and more often, she punches and bites herself until she develops black and blue marks thinking that the devil was attacking her. In 2002, she was embroiled in another tumultuous legal battle with her father, John Houston for failure to settle a $100 million she owed his company.
Data Collection methods

Due to limited access to the subject of the study, the study will collect data using methods that gives information about Houston but whose credibility can be assessed. Therefore, the study will combine two main methods to get information about the subject. The first method will be review of literature. This will involve accessing data from sources that are credible. Among these sources that will be used include:

However, the inclusion-exclusion criteria for the above sources were not strict due to shortage of sources about the character. The study limited selection of the sources to the particular period when the character was overcome by psychological problems.

The other method that will be used in this study will be observation. Since the study is looking at the past life of the character, it has to rely on picture and audio recording of the events that surrounded the characters life. However, it will also be important to ensure authenticity of these recordings. The following are among the recordings that have been obtained for the study from YouTube:

Through observation and review of the above sources, important information about the character under study was obtained. The YouTube contains important utterances from the author that tells accounts of her life, how she abuse drugs, how she went on and off to a rehabilitation center, problems with her husbands and other important information.

For Student Travel Groups, Broadway Is the Lights of American Musical History

For more than a century Broadway has been making musical theater come to life in New York City. There has never been a better time to engage the musical than now, and there is no better place for the musical than Broadway. Start the day with your student travel group in New York City in Lower Manhattan at The Theater Museum on 40 Worth Street. See the history of the famous Playbills show time magazine, the history of the showboat and other exhibitions on display. Later the student tour group can head uptown for lunch and a show.

Currently there are many award-winning Broadway musicals around Times Square. The Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder not only won the 2014 Tony for Best Musical, but Darko Tresnjak won Best Director and Linda Cho won for Best Costume Design. This new musical is taking Broadway by storm. Set in England’s elegant Edwardian era, it shows just how low some will go to make it to the top.

Jessie Mueller won Best Actress in the 2014 Tony Awards for her leading role in BEAUTIFUL: The Carole King Musical. This musical is a story of true Americana, tracing the history of writer and singer Carole King, whose voice helped shape the sound of a generation. Mueller’s performance leaves the audience wanting more. Standing ovations after every show make it one of the best experiences today on the street of lights. For more details on the musical The Wall Street Journal calls €OUT OF CONTROL AMAZING!€

Disney has been bringing their magic to Broadway for over two decades. Aladdin is the latest hot ticket with the amazing James Monroe Iglehart winning a 2014 Tony for Best Actor. Aladdin brings the historic New Amsterdam Theater into a new century, with special effects and lighting that dazzle viewers. There is also the ongoing Lion King for the true Disney and Elton John fan. Few musicals have had a better selling soundtrack in history than The Lion King, which also won many awards for singing, acting, set design, writing and directing.

Les Miserables, the musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s famous novel is an ongoing classic at The Imperial Theater, continuing to wow and educate audiences from around the world with the epic tale of the French Revolution. Another longtime popular Broadway musical is now in its tenth anniversary on Broadway, and of course that means the musical WICKED. WICKED is a retelling of the classic American epic Wizard of Oz, a prequel to the original Wizard. This is the story of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glenda the Good Witch.
Another new musical getting attention is MATILDA. Based on the book by beloved children’s author Roald Dahl, Matilda is a precocious child equipped with psychic abilities and telekinetic powers that help her battle the wicked adults around her.

For fans of Frankie Valli, Jersey Boys is one more important musical on Broadway that is garnering a lot of attention. Jersey Boys is the true but classic story of rags to riches, tracing the American story of bestselling music sensation Frankie Valli and his band, The Four Seasons. Such chart topping songs as €Sherry,€ €Rag Doll€ and many others have become part of the American soundtrack.

Student tour groups visit New York City for a one of a kind experience at 42nd and Broadway, the place millions have journeyed to for more than a century to be entertained. Trip leaders, do not forget to take student groups on a visit to the Theater Museum and ask a travel professional to plan the trip around other art or historic museums in the city.